Kickboxing is an exciting sport. By learning kickboxing, you will be able to take up challenges in life.

Our school has classes for all ages. Both males and females can join our classes. There are no membership fees.

I can guarantee that you will love our classes. So, hurry up and join our classes today!

Our life is becoming complex and we are constantly being faced with different challenges. Sometimes people lack the ability, strength and confidence to deal with these challenges. Kickboxing is a great sport that is not only fun, but also addresses these critical issues. By learning kickboxing, you will become strong, fit, confident, focused and disciplined.

In kickboxing, you learn to punch your opponent and save yourself from getting hit at the same time. This needs good coordination of eye, hand and foot. You need to be very focused and be alert about the punch. You need to keep your body balanced all the time. The techniques you learn during kickboxing can be easily applied in real life. It helps you to be focused at your job and lead a disciplined life.


We opened Maplewood School in 2006 to help the young generation learn this wonderful sport. We encourage kids of age 3-5 to join our classes. We believe that you need to start young in order to bring substantial positive change in your personal traits and your life.

Our classes are designed such that they also focus on exercise. We stress the importance of being healthy and fit. We structure our classes in a way so that it helps you to maintain a good body shape and lose weight. As something extra, we also provide you with at personalized diet chart.

You can see that there are several benefits of kickboxing training. If you are interested, then book your first session with us to see what it’s all about. We offer the first session absolutely free. So, if you don’t like the class, you can just walk away. Anyone can join our class; no membership is required.

I can guarantee that you will love our classes. So, hurry up and join our classes today!